11 Truly Memorable Scenes From A Christmas Story Movie

Filmed in the Ralph Baker’s house, A Christmas Story is one of the memorable flicks of our time. The movie brings us the wintry exploits of young Ralphie, who spends time dodging a bully and wishing someone could get him the perfect Christmas gift- a red ryder air rifle. Though the youngster is always at odds with his dad, he finds comfort in his doting mum. The movie has lots of fantastic scenes but here are the ones we feel are truly outstanding from the happenings at the house from A Christmas Story.

Red Ryder BB Gun

With a bully on his neck, what would a young lad want for Christmas than a Red Ryder BB gun? While believes he hasn’t yet received his most coveted gift, he’s truly awed to discover that the very thing he was is the last present on the pile.

The Bunny Suit

While Ralphie is adamant that he only wants a single thing for Christmas, his family goes ahead to buy him other stuff. One of her aunts Clara gets him a hot pink bunny suit. And this gift displeases Ralphie and his dad.

Hounds from the Neighbors

The Parker house sits right next to the Bumbus home, a family of hillbillies with several smelly hound dogs. Let loose, these hound dogs cause all kinds of problems. But the deal breaker is when the dogs invade Parker’s kitchen and feast on their Christsmas turkey.

Christmas Tree

With Christmas drawing night, the Parkers haggle for a live Christmas tree and they spare no effort in setting up next to the window and adorning it with lights and decorations. Unfortunately, the twinkle lights cause their fuse to blow.

Furnace Clinkers

Raphie’s dad is struggling with the furnace under their house. Things take a turn for the worse when the furnace starts blowing soot into other parts of the home. When his dad goes down to the basement to uncover the problem, he trips on roller skates and starts to swear violently.

Leg Lamp

One of key elements of the movie, the leg lamp is a prized gift, which Ralphie’s father bags in a content. He intends to hang it somewhere in the house. However, Ralphie’s mum doesn’t support that idea. Eventually, she breaks the leg lamp accidentally, and it has to be buried.

Soap in the Bathroom

Ralphie’s mum washes his mouth with soap because he sweared. Ralphie suggests it is a typical punishment in their household, and that he’s become an expert in tasting soap.

Black Bart Attacks

When an imaginary black bart snoops down on Ralphie in the backyard, he defends his house using the air rifle he’s named “Old Blue”.

Ovaltine Decoder

Ralphie is amember of the Little Orphan Annie Secret Society and can decode a message that was broadcast loud on the radio. So, he drinks lots of Ovaltine hoping to mail away and get a free decoder. When the free decoder arrives, he goes to the bathroom and decodes the secret message only to find out it’s nothing more than a commercial to drink more Ovaltine.

Hubcap Mishap

Ralphie’s family car suffers a flat tire and he tries to change it. As he does, Ralphie drops the lugnuts then swears. The movie uses “Oh, fudge”, but he says he actually used some heavy swear words.


A Christmas Story has been around for 37 years and it’s still a popular flick. It shows the peculiarities of the Parker’s home and what their son endures from day to day. Whether or not you’ve watched it, you’ll agree that the above scenes are the most memorable.

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