Sell Your Home Fast With These 5 Advertising Tricks

On average, most homes stay on the market for 56 days from listing to the closing date.

Many homeowners want a smooth, quick process but may not be attracting the right buyers. Perhaps you’re in this position and you’re running out of creative ways to advertise your property.

Luckily, we’re here to help anyone struggling to advertise homes. Here are our five top tips.

1. Take High-Quality Photos

One of the top real estate advertising ideas is to upload high-quality photos of your property.

First, upload a photo of your home’s exterior but remove vehicles from your driveway and crop out sidewalks so the buyer is drawn to the front of your home.

Because curb appeal is important, remove vegetation that’s blocking your front door, trim your lawn and shrubs so you enhance the space. When you’re shooting the rooms, open up drapes so natural light pours in and focus on finer details like the fireplace mantle or the island in your kitchen.

You should also harness the power of virtual tours in your house advertisement. The goal of a virtual tour is to lead the buyer through each room so stand in a good position to shoot from so they get a clear 360 view of the room.

Further, consider making a short video to highlight your home’s best features and post them on social media. Do a traditional home tour and get a family member to record you as you guide buyers through your home or get a drone so buyers get a glimpse of your stunning backyard and neighborhood.

If you’re left wondering “where can I advertise my house for sale?”, know that you can post a listing on real estate websites, social media, and even on sites like Craigslist.

2. Stage Your Home

When you advertise a house for sale, remember to stage your home so buyers can see what it’s like with furniture. Declutter and depersonalize your home so prospects can imagine their lives there and decide which furniture works best in each room.

Feeling overwhelmed? Then hire a professional stager as they’ll know how to make each room look more spacious and appealing.

You must also clear out your closets and put unnecessary items (e.g. seasonal clothing) in storage so rooms look bigger. Further, deep-clean your home especially in those hard-to-reach places like the corners of your ceilings as it shows buyers that you take good care of the property.

And this is the best time to repair any scratches or scuffs in your room. Evaluate each room to decide whether it needs freshening up with a lick of paint or if it needs to be caulked. But, as a general rule, stay neutral because while your yellow kitchen appeals to you, many buyers may not be so keen.

Make sure you choose gray, white, or taupe so the walls don’t distract from the appealing aspects of the room.

3. Try Print Advertising

After posting your listing online, harness the power of print advertising in local and major papers. Figure out which days have the biggest readership and which ones have special classifieds. You should also check press dates in real estate publications and you’ll reach a new audience.

If you’re stumped for advertising words for home selling, turn your leaflets into a story. Create a double-sided flyer with one side dedicated to photos of your property and the other detailing the history of your local area.

Don’t worry if your home isn’t 100 years old, instead find an intriguing fact from the ‘50s or ‘60s and put a spin on it to intrigue buyers. You should also turn this into an e-flyer and send them to real estate agents Winston Salem, your friend’s acquaintances, and brokers outside of your area.

Another effective way to sell quickly is marketing your home around the holidays. For instance, National Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th so in your advertising, say how you live near a spot famous for their burgers. You should also consider local Fall Parades, such as

4. Host Open Houses

You should also consider open houses as they attract buyers outside the area. Many buyers also prefer open houses as they can analyze a home in detail without feeling pressure from the realtor. To advertise the event, place signs through your area then place an advert in your local newspaper and online.

Or you can try an agent-only tour where you or a realtor show a group of local buyer agents as they may have the perfect client for your home.

5. Partner With Local Micro-Influencers

A great way to advertise your home quickly is by partnering with a local nano- or micro-influencer. Connect with a business in your community that has between 3,000 to 10,000 followers on social media like an architect or interior designer.

To do this, tag their business in an Instagram post so your followers can see it and also you can buy IG likes to give your post the best chance of being seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

That’s How to Advertise Homes and Sell Quickly

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve learned new ways on how to advertise homes so you secure a deal quickly.

Make sure you upload flattering photos of your home, stage every room, and host open houses so buyers can take a hassle-free tour. You must also harness the power of social media and print advertising so you further your reach and find the perfect buyer. Good luck!

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