VR tech for buying and selling real estate

Technology never slows down and gets more amazing every year. VR, or Virtual Reality, is no exception. While it is only a few years old, it is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and entering our lives in many different areas. Real Estate seems to be a perfect match for the technology. VR, for those of you that live in a closet, is a technology where you put on a headset that resembles a huge pair of ski goggles, and you can step into another world. You can step into the surface of Mars or a futuristic landscape, but for our needs, you can step into a potential property that you want to buy, with never leaving your house or the real estate office.

Cut down on travel

Every time you want to see a house, you need to arrange with the real estate agent for a time to meet there and travel there. Sure, you can see pictures of it on a screen, but reality can be twisted with pictures. Colors can be enhanced, and a small room can look like a ballroom. You have to be there to see it. VR is the next best thing. You can stand in the living room and look around as if you were really there. You can cut out 90% of the visits that way, and the one that you really like? Is just a simple visit to confirm that it feels good in person.

Zero in on the right property faster

Just like travel time. You can explore hundreds of properties from your own home in a day. You can be the ultimate lookie-loo. If you aren’t buying, you can still explore and see what you like and what you might want in your own house, without wasting anyone’s time. If you are buying, it makes it so much faster.

Look at it even if it doesn’t exist yet

If you are going to be one of those people that prefer building a house, or even just adding a large extension on, you can put a VR headset on and see how it would look before it’s even built. Sometimes what looks great on plans may not look like what you imagined in reality. Wearing a VR headset and actually standing in the room will take care of that. It is close to reality as you can get.

Change the decorations

Depending on how they have created the VR for the house, you could change the colors on the walls, add furniture, even your own. You can add doors or take them away. VR is the ultimate for home redecoration. Whatever you can imagine can be shown you as real. As VR advances, this will become more and more prevalent, from everything to bedroom sets, to landscaping.

See properties in other states or even countries

If you are thinking of moving to another state or country, it gets even harder to choose a house. However, you can get pretty close if you have a VR walkthrough. It’s the closest you can get to actually being there. There will only be one fast trip to confirm, and you are good. It is so much better than multiple visits, jamming in a bunch of appointments, etc.

Those are just a few of the exciting things that are coming in real estate. They will help you sell your home, or make it easier to be a buyer. You can even share a walk through with family or the agent and get full descriptions, even if you are both in different locations. VR will change the way real estate is viewed. The numbers are still numbers, but time is money, and finding the right place for the right money, is what it’s all about

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