Luxury Laundry Renovation Ideas

Most people wouldn’t associate the word luxury with the laundry room, but there are in fact many ways to make this functional room dazzle with class and style. The laundry room doesn’t have to be a forgotten space and whether you use it for functional purposes or not, there are some simple and stylish options which you can find, that will revolutionize this space.

The beauty of adding some luxury to this space is that you can do so on a budget and here are just some ideas for the laundry room.

Laundry Sinks

Most traditionally built laundries have old, concrete sinks, which really don’t do much in the way of adding luxury. Through the purchase of a country-style sink, such as a deep trough made from enamel, you can really make a difference to this space. Laundry sinks are usually one of the key focal points in this space, and that is why upgrading will make a real difference to the room.

Smart Lighting

Mixing up the lighting is a great way to bring elegance to the space and through the use of under counter lighting, as well as strip lighting on the ceiling, your laundry can have a modern & high-end feel. Focus on keeping this room looking bright to really make it feel welcome.

Sleek and Stylish Laundry Taps

It is not just the sink which adds some style points here, but also the laundry taps which you choose. Oversized taps look great here, and certainly offer a touch of luxury. Now if you decide to go for a large country sink, two taps are also a great alternative, to give that luxurious country feel.

Another consideration here is to go for laundry mixers, especially if you are going to be heavily using the laundry trough.


Nothing gets in the way of luxury like detergent and fabric softener bottles littering the place. Buy some oxford jars and decant your products into them, adding labels to show what each bottle contains. This shows that you have spent time thinking about the aesthetic appeal of the room, and it also makes the place feel much more cosy.


Minimalism in the laundry is also a highly popular design trend. Look to keep this room as spacious as possible. Smart storage, clear countertops and floor space can help to achieve this look, and will result in a nice place to be, along with a nicer space to look at.

Designing The Walls

Many of us are guilty of forgetting to add some designs to this space, because of its functionality. Adding some unique colours to the walls is a great way to install a theme in the space and make the space look brighter and more appealing.

A laundry room should not be a forgotten space and there are a host of different ideas available that can be used to create a truly luxurious laundry room. Start your research as soon as possible to find your perfect laundry renovation ideas.

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