Benefits of Garden Irrigation Systems

Shining sun and a scenic neighborhood with the subtle sound of sprinklers in the background. This is the image triggered when thinking about installing an irrigation system. Although most commonly associated with rich areas and mansions, sprinkler systems aren’t as expensive as you think because, in the long run, they will conserve your water usage. Now that you know that installing an irrigation system is feasible, let’s take a look at the benefits of having one. 

Step Up Your Value

An irrigation system will not only help to reduce your monthly water bill but increase your home’s value. In a tough housing market, the curbside appeal added by installing a system will be a huge pay-off. Furthermore, if you have other home improvements to complete, you can invest the saved water bill money. 

You’re likely still asking – how much is a sprinkler system? Well, for a basic setup, you’re looking at around $2000 but you may end up spending more than that on maintenance costs. 

Say Goodbye to Weeds

Weeds are a pain to anyone attempting to maintain a green yard. There are types of irrigation systems that work to directly feed the roots of your plants, which means that the weeds are starved of water

Surprisingly, too much water can damage roots and cause plant diseases, which is typically a product of watering by hand. When you choose to install an irrigation system, it will be calibrated to spray just enough water to promote plant growth.

Water When You’re Working

Irrigation systems are convenient whether you’re away at work or on an adventure. If you have a programable sprinkler system, you can rest assured that your lawn is maintaining its green wherever you are. Also, if you’re a tech whiz, you can get an automatic system that will monitor in real-time and only comes on when it’s needed. Because of the popularity of systems like this, there are now a number of Sprinkler Repair experts around who can help with any issues you might have with your irrigation system when you’re not at home too, so you can have some peace of mind that your garden can keep looking it’s best even when you’re gone.

Environment’s Friend

Having a sprinkler system may appear to go against the environment due to over-watering. This is why modern systems use technologies that gauge the amount of water being used – there’s no reason you and your lawn can’t be green.

Further than saving you water, by having a green lawn you will be helping maintain the balance of atmospheric pollutants. Also, your air-conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard because your vibrant lawn will help cool your house down. 

Symmetrical Lawns

You have to guess if you’ve covered everything when you water your lawn by hand, which can leave you with uneven patches. When you get an irrigation system installed, the professionals will work out exactly where to lay the pipes to give you an even spread – there’s something therapeutic about having an even lawn. 

Although the initial cost of installing a sprinkler system may be steep, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. There are more reasons to install an irrigation system than outlined in this article. Make a worthwhile investment now and save yourself the hassle of dragging the hose out and slaving away in the sun.

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