4 Home Improvements You Should Consider This Winter

In the wintertime, it can be so much harder to keep your house safe, warm and in good repair. Harsh winds, wet conditions, and more extreme weather can easily lead to leaks, breakages, and other damage, leaving you cold and unsafe. Failing to take proper precautions to keep your home safe can mean that you face costly repairs, that the value of your house decreases, and that you have trouble keeping your family healthy and happy. Here’s a look at four important improvements you should consider making this winter. 

Upgrade Your Roof

The roof is one of the most important elements of your home; it protects you from inclement weather and cold temperatures; it makes your home more efficient, reducing energy costs, and helping you to stay warm; and a well-fitted roof can keep the rest of your home safe. 

But the problem is that because we can’t see most of our roofs, and never spend any time on them, we often don’t realize that there is a problem until it is too late. As we enter the coldest months of the year, and certainly after particularly harsh storms, it’s a good idea to check on your roof to make sure that it’s in good condition; remember to check the roofs of any conservatories, sheds, and any other outbuildings as well as your main home. If you’re uncertain about the state of your roof, consider searching for roofing companies near me to consult with experienced professionals for assistance and inspection.

If you live in a particularly cold area or are expecting a lot of snow in the coming months, you might want to read this article on Midwest Living: Cold Climate Roofing Materials, to make sure your roof is offering adequate protection and help you choose the best upgrade if you need one. 

More Efficient Windows

A lot of warm air is lost through old, damaged windows. This can lead to higher energy bills, increased humidity, and a colder home. If your windows are very old, upgrading to modern, more efficient options can make a huge difference in how warm your home is. Even newer windows might need replacing or repairing if they are cracked or the seals are damaged. Often, the easiest way to spot signs that your windows need replacing is to run your fingers around the edges to feel for a draught on a cool day. 

Clean or Repair Your Guttering

Many of us are guilty of completely neglecting our gutters. But, over autumn, they can become clogged up with leaves and other debris. Then, in winter when it rains more or snows, our guttering can’t filter the water effectively, and so water seeps down onto the brickwork of our homes. When the temperature drops, this water can freeze and expand, leading to more serious damage. Simply having your gutters cleaned can be a significant upgrade. 

A New Boiler

If your boiler is older than ten years, or you’ve started to have frequent problems with it, upgrading can help you to keep your home warm and dry, while reducing energy costs. Even if your boiler seems to be working well, it’s a good idea to get a service as the weather gets colder, to make sure it can see you through the winter. 

Your home might feel warm and cozy right now, but don’t assume that it will all year round. Make some checks and upgrade where necessary to keep your home toasty all winter. 

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